Available in any rural or metro area of the UK. This is a one of a kind service like no other in the world. Submit your pet's description and photo and have a whole team working for you! A massive group of 130 people will receive your pets description and will be competing to find a match.


Each member of this team will be frantically searching on all local websites in your area for any found pet listings resembling your pet's description. They are more than motivated to find a match as Critter Cops pays large bonuses to the first team member to find a confirmed match. The team will have 30 days to find a match before the bonus payment is no longer available. Buy your team for only £25, the race is on!



Available in any rural or metro area of the UK. Do you ever wonder how it is possible that nobody has seen your pet walking around after they escaped? Many probably have, but sadly not everyone cares enough to spend the time it takes to find you and tell you. Not everyone reads Facebook lost pets pages, even if they may have noticed a pet wandering the neighborhood while they are driving. Some people just don't care enough to check those pages when they return home or they simply forget about it. We make them remember! Our second service is a huge 14 day Facebook campaign to residents living in your area.


We offer a unique option to have an advertisement appear randomly on the private Facebook walls of residents living within 10 miles of your postcode. Your pet's photo will appear on their Facebook wall and prompt them to contact you to report the sighting, much more efficient than hoping they will take a few hours out of their busy day to search Facebook pages for your contact details. This can increase your chances dramatically, being the modern version of poster canvassing, and is only £35 to make your pet famous!



Why not cover all bases and order both Option 1 and Option 2 for a discounted rate and save!



Available in any rural or metro area of the UK. Our most premium offering, designed for those needing a more tailored service. This option, although designed specifically for stolen pets, is also often ordered for pet owners who desire a campaign covering a large radius. Comprising of 3 main components, it is an incredible 2 week task accomplished by some thorough and determined Critter Cops.

The first component is an extension of Option 1, whereby the search is not only increased to nationwide, but is changed to search for pets for sale, rather than pets found. The second component is an extension of Option 2, whereby the radius is increased to a huge 100 mile radius.  The third component is a website built and dedicated especially for your pet that members of the public can submit anonymous tips through. You can read more about this in depth service here.